Tuesday, December 11, 2012

In the hospital

Yesterday was my darkest day yet. I drank barely 4oz of fluid and ate only a breadstick. My husband called the doctor's office and they told him to take me to the ER.

We arrived a little before 5:30 and I was given iv fluids around six and sent out to wait. We sat for almost five hours in the waiting room. When my bag was done they removed it and left me to sit.

When we finally got back to a bed we waited some more. By this point I had a pretty bad headache. My leg was hurting pretty badly too from my subQ site (I have two hard red lumps from what they think is a reaction to the medicine). I wasn't able to get any medicine or more fluids until I saw a doctor. Of course right when it was my turn someone came in on an ambulance in critical condition!

When he finally came in and talked to us he said there's no fear for the baby (nurse checked heartbeat and it was 168). He ordered an iv with dextrose and some Tylenol and phenergan.

They decided to admit me and I was finally taken to a room around 2 am.

I will write more later. Sitting up to write this has taken its toll. I'm starting to feel pretty sick.

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