Saturday, December 15, 2012

Home at last.

Got to come home last night! It's nice not to be hooked up to an IV anymore! I'm able to eat and drink and have short periods of time without nausea. According to one of my OBs this may be the best I can hope for. Every time I eat it makes me feel sick but it's staying down.

I have to go to the doctor sometime next week. They are going to give me a device called Prima Bella. It's a bracelet that gives an electric impulse and can help with the nausea. At this point I'll try whatever they tell me!

I've managed to drink almost 64 oz of liquid today...a vast improvement over the approximately 4 oz I drank monday! It finally doesn't turn my stomach to even think about drinking it. I'm hoping this means I will be out of this nightmare faster than I've assumed. I try not to get my hopes up too much because if it lasts longer I don't want to get depressed. I'm prepared for the long haul.

Once again some dummy public figure has ridiculed the HG community. A radio talk show host called "Morrissey" decided to take it upon himself to say Duchess Kate should feel responsible for the suicide of a nurse at the hospital where she was admitted. All because some smart alec in Australia called and pranked the hospital and that nurse gave out information regarding Kate's hospital stay. Gee, let's not hold the radio station in Australia accountable. Let's make fun of a very real illness and act as if the thousands of women who suffer from this terror are all crazy. Seems like a good idea for a recognized medical condition, right? Wrong!

A few tips if someone in your life is struggling with this:
-don't "cracker" her. Saltines and ginger ale will not fix it. In fact, mentioning these things may make her puke on you.
-don't try to compare your bout with nausea while pregnant to her disease. It's not the same. Think nausea and vomiting so bad medicine doesn't control it. Anything at any time can bring it on. Even if it goes away after 14-20 weeks it can come back. And often does. Think malnutrition. Think dehydration so bad the nurse blows veins trying to get an IV in her to rehydrate her.
-don't treat her like an outcast. Call her if she's up to talking on the phone. Email her. Send her cards. She already feels alone enough...saying nothing because you don't know what to say makes her feel even more alone and depressed. Make an effort!
-Support her support system. Significant others of the women suffering from HG are more than likely spread so thin they are barely functioning. Ask if you can watch the kids (or sit with the sick lady) so he can get some time away. Make him some food. Chances are he can't cook in his house because the smell of food being prepared can be a trigger that sends Ms. HG running for the porcelain throne.

I may think of more later but those are my ramblings for tonight!

The pictures...hubby and little man. DH is exhausted after a week of running around trying to take care of our dogs and son and me while I was hospitalized.
My bruise from my blown vein (that's from Monday night).
And just for something happy...little man and me at the zoo on thanksgiving day.

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