Thursday, December 27, 2012

In for the long haul.

Had a doctor's appointment today. My daughter got to hear baby's heartbeat. She thought that was pretty cool! She never got to go to any prenatal appointments with her brother because she was always in school.

My OB told me today in his experience if it doesn't leave at the end of 12 weeks you can expect HG to last until 18 weeks. If it doesn't leave then it usually sticks around the whole pregnancy. I will be 15 weeks on Saturday and I'm still deep in the throes of extreme nausea and occasionally vomiting. My meds are managing to keep food and liquid in my system but I can't say much more for them. This beast is adaptive to say the least! What works this week may not work next week. We've switched my supportive med from reglan to compazine. Hoping maybe that will offer a bit more relief during the time when my phenergan is wearing off.

We get to play what my husband calls "picture pages" at our next appointment. Looks like I'll have at least two more ultrasounds before this is done. That's their only definitive way of checking to make sure the baby is growing properly.

It's funny not to hear my doctor lecturing me about proper diet! Last time he went on and on about it. This time it's all about survival and eating whatever I think I can keep down.

I'm fighting off a cold and it has made my throat quite raw. I think I'm going to attempt making some soup for dinner. Off to make my attempt!!

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