Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hope of going home!

Being away from home is starting to get old. I long to sleep in my own bed! I may not have nurses there but it's way more comfortable.

The doc told me I may get to go home! That's the first time they've suggested it as a possibility. Right now we're doing phenergan suppositories and reglan by mouth. Hopefully that's the right combination. We tried compazine but it seemed to have no effect. Dr said the best I may be able to hope for is not vomiting. I'd still be nauseated but at least if I can keep down food and water they can send me home.

One of the strange side effects I've right hip is numb. It will itch but when I try to scratch it I get no relief! The nurse said perhaps one of the phenergan shots hit a nerve and it should go away. We shall see!

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