Monday, January 14, 2013

Grateful for help.

I haven't posted for a few days because I just didn't feel up to it. That isn't to say I had bad days altogether but I tried to use the times when I felt well to enjoy time with my family.

Most mornings now I barely escape getting sick. This morning was the worst I've had in a week. But I made it through by snuggling with my son and trying to sleep.

My husband started a new semester today. Thankfully he only has a couple classes on Mondays so he was home by 1:30. I made it through! I was able to take care of our son without help! He has to work longer tomorrow so little man will go to our friends' house for the day. I am so grateful to them for stepping up to watch him time and again throughout this journey. They took care of him while I was in the hospital. He loves going there and playing with their kids and it has made being away from my baby so much less stressful.

I'm praying I'm nearing the end of this journey. I barely have the mental strength to make it through these days. But I try to remember to take one day at a time and if I can survive that day I can make it to the next!

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